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Regulation ID: MD26644

Issue: Department of Health and Mental Hygiene: Amendments to Public Swimming Pools and Spa Regulations


Affects:  Those who build or service public pools


Bottom Line: APSP members in Maryland have been attending these workshop meetings and are providing input to ensure the proposed rule is consistent with our APSP standards and codes.


Deadline for input: 


Send comments to: Jennifer Hatfield, jhatfield@apsp.org


Rule Summary: The Department of Health and Mental Hygiene is in the process of revising Code of Maryland Regulations (COMAR) 10.17.01, Public Swimming Pools and Spas. These amendments would include new safety requirements, CPO credentialing requirements, and updated inspection requirements, among others.


First, the Department agrees with stakeholders on the importance of improving the process of reviewing and approving permits, regardless of any future changes to regulations. The Department is therefore actively moving toward online forms (i.e., web-based forms) for submission of applications. The goal is to deploy the online forms this fall. We will be communicating more about this in the future.


Second, the Department agrees with stakeholders that it would be better to consider fewer changes for any given year, all of which must be evaluated for their economic impact. The Department is therefore recommending a slimmed-down set of topics to discuss with stakeholders this fall. Some suggested priority topics, based on feedback from stakeholders, include:

• Combined Chlorine

• Permitting Requirements (Regulations .06 - .09)

• Bonding/Electrical (Regulation .55)

• Inspections (Regulation .11)

• Carbon Monoxide Detectors

• Requirements for Lifeguard/Certified Pool Operators

• Local Health Department Audits/Inspection Processes


Status: At present, the only timeline is for a first set of three or four potential changes to have been shared and reviewed by stakeholders by the end of 2018. Meetings on October 11, October 18, and October 25.





Rule Notice:

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