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FLORIDA – Building Codes


Regulation ID: FL28632


Issue: Florida Building Code (Sixth Edition) Code Cycle


Affects:  Those who build or service pools


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Rule Summary: The Commission has completed its work on the current code update cycle and adopted the sixth edition of the Florida Building Code, which is based on model codes, including the International Building Code (2015), International Residential Code (2015), International Existing Building Code (2015), International Mechanical Code (2015), International Plumbing Code (2015), International Fuel Gas Code (2015), and International Energy Efficiency Code (2015). Technical advisory committees met to review proposals to the model codes as Florida Specific Code changes and proposals were either approved or disapproved by the Commission.  Additional changes were made to comply with legislative requirements passed during session.  Important to the pool industry, were a multitude of changes to public pool construction as well as new electrical requirements affecting all existing pools and spas. The residential pool construction section had no substantive changes besides updates to various ANSI/APSP standards.


Status: The effective date of the rule (the 6th edition of the FL Building Code) is December 31, 2017.


Notice of Final Rule: