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California - Energy efficiency assessment for low-global- warming potential alternatives

Issue: S.B. 1013 Energy Efficiency Standards

Affects: Manufacturers who use refrigerant technologies and fluorinated-gas-based appliances and equipment

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Bill Summary: This measure establishes the Fluorinated Gases Emission Reduction Incentive Program, to be administered by the state board, to promote the adoption of new refrigerant technologies to achieve short- and long-term climate benefits, energy efficiency, and other co-benefits, as specified. The Public Utilities Commission is required to consider developing a strategy for including low-global-warming-potential refrigerants in equipment funded by the energy efficiency programs overseen by the Public Utilities Commission.

Furthermore, the State Energy Resources Conservation and Development Commission is required to identify opportunities to assess the energy efficiency performance for low-global- warming- potential alternatives to current fluorinated-gas-based appliances and equipment.

A person may not sell, lease, rent, or otherwise cause any equipment or product to enter into commerce in California if that equipment or product uses or will use a substituted in a manner inconsistent with any relevant industry mode codes and standards including but not limited to the Uniform Mechanical Code or the California Mechanical.  

Status:  Introduced 2/6/2018. Referred to Senate Environmental Quality Committee 2/14/2018. Amended 3/15/2018.  Hearing held; passed committee 4/4/2018. Amended 4/5/2018. Referred to Senate Energy, Utilities, and Communication Committee 4/12/2018. Amended 4/16/2018. Hearing held; passed Committee; referred to Senate Appropriations Committee 4/25/2018. Amended 5/2/2018. Hearing postponed 5/14/2018. Hearing held; placed in suspense 5/22/2018. Hearing held; amended; passed committee 5/25/2018. Passed Senate 5/30/2018. Referred to Assembly Natural Resources Committee 6/7/2018. Hearing held; amended; passed committee; referred to Assembly Appropriations Committee 6/18/2018. Amended 7/5/2018. Hearing held; placed in suspense file 8/8/2018. Hearing scheduled 8/16/2018.

View proposed legislation: http://leginfo.legislature.ca.gov/faces/billPdf.xhtml?bill_id=201720180SB1013&version=20170SB101392AMD