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Pennsylvania - Building code adoptions

Regulation ID:  PA39210

Issue:  Industrialized Housing- Adoption of the 2015 Codes

Affects:  Those who build pools and spas.

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Rule Summary:  The Department will adopt the following codes as identified by the Department of Labor and Industry: the 2015 IBC, the 2015 IRC/2014 NEC, the 2015 International Energy Conservation Code, the 2015 Fire Code, the 2015 Fuel Gas Code, the 2015 International Mechanical Code, and the 2015 Plumbing Code.  Important to APSP and NESPA members is the adoption of the 2015 IECC that includes APSP energy efficiency standards for pools, spas and hot tubs, as well as the adoption of the 2014 National Electrical Code that includes pool and spa provisions.  Also of note is the reference in the IBC and IRC to the International Swimming Pool & Spa Code – APSP will be working to verify if the reference will in fact require compliance with the ISPSC provisions.

Status:  The Department will adopt the listed codes as identified by the Department of Labor and Industry. All new industrialized homes entering the first stage of production on or after April 1, 2019, must be constructed in accordance with the applicable 2015 codes including the 2014 NEC.

Notice of the Adoption of the 2015 Codes: https://www.pabulletin.com/secure/data/vol48/48-30/1172.html