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Santa Maria, California- Water Restrictions

Issue: Adoption of an ordinance regarding water efficient landscape requirements

Affects:  Those who build or service pools, spas and water features.

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Summary:   At its regular meeting held July 3, 2018, the City Council introduced Ordinance 2018-08 to implement the State's legislation requiring that all cities and counties in California comply with the State's model water efficient landscape ordinance (WELO). Adoption of the proposed amendments to Chapter 12-44 will bring the City into conformance with State law, and assure that new and rehabilitated landscapes are drought resistant and make efficient use of water.

The council is now slated to conduct the second reading and adopt Ordinance No. 2018-08 approving a zoning text amendment incorporating State water efficient landscape requirements into Santa Maria Municipal Code Chapter 12-44, Landscape Standards.  Important to APSP members is the language found in the ordinance that states: Water features shall be designed and maintained to use water efficiently and minimize water loss through evaporation. Pools, ponds, decorative fountains, and other similar ornamental water features shall use a recirculating water system. Water features shall be included as landscape area for calculation of water use and subject to water use maximums. (Page 74).

Status: On July 17, 2018, the City Council will consider adoption of the ordinance on second reading. 

Agenda: (Item 3-3)(Page 71-82)  https://cityofsantamaria.civicweb.net/filepro/documents/4995?preview=16431