Pool & Hot Tub Consumer Financing Program

APSP has partnered with Prosper to sponsor a consumer financing program to provide financing solutions for APSP member customers’ pool, hot tub or home improvement projects.

Prosper was the first online lending marketplace to launch in the United States in 2006 and has helped facilitate over $5 billion dollars in personal loans to date. Prosper gives borrowers access to fixed rate, unsecured loans from $2,000 to $35,000 with loan terms of 3 and 5 years*. Loan APRs range from 5.99% to 36.00%, depending on loan amount and creditworthiness. Your customers can see their rate without affecting their credit score and, if the rate works for their financial situation, accept the rate and complete their loan request, all online. For more information visit APSPFinancing.com or download the Frequently Asked Questions.

Get started in three simple steps:

  1. Choose your preferred hot tub or pool banner from the guide gallery

  2. Embed the banner on your website.

  3. Ensure the banner is set up properly and you’re ready to start sending customers to your website to apply for a pool or hot tub loan.