Professional Pool and Spa Operator (PPSO ) - Introduction

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The Professional Pool and Spa Operator (PPSO) is responsible for the safety, health, and maintenance of the aquatic environment. This includes the safety and health of the patrons as well as the staff working at the facility. As a Professional Pool and Spa Operator, you must be on the lookout for any potential problems which could result in accidents, injury, or health threats. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention there are approximately 301 million swimming visits each year by persons over the age of six, making swimming the fourth most popular recreational activity in the U.S.
Maintaining a commercial pool or spa in accordance with national, state and local standards can be difficult and this manual was designed to help you with the operation of your facility. In the hotel/motel  industry it is not uncommon for the facility engineer to be designated as the responsible party for the care and operation of the pool and spa facility. But, to do this, he should be a certified Professional Pool & Spa Operator.
This online training program will teach you the fundamental information needed to be a successful pool operator. It is also the first step in obtaining your PPSO certification. Upon completion of the online course, student must attend a one-day class with a certified PPSO instructor to complete their training.