Improving Your Bottom Line Using Project Management

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Improving Your Bottom Line Using Project Management: Project management is one of the business world's most in-demand skill sets.  That's because even the smallest projects can benefit from project management processes such as planning, time and cost management, human resource management and communications management. 
Join this self-paced online course and learn real life project management, leadership and business skills you need to bring any project to success. The bottom line in any project is a combination of customer satisfaction and profitability.  Solid project management helps ensure optimal performance and is foundational to any efforts to improve performance and efficiency.
Participants will explore project management processes, and will have an opportunity to consider which techniques to apply to their organization's most important projects.  You'll have eight weeks access to this 24 hour course.

Who Should Attend:  This course is valuable for anyone seeking an introduction to the formal project management process and the value it brings to business and projects.

Key Outcomes:  Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to: Identify a wide range of stakeholders, including the hidden ones that can derail your project, Improve definition of project goals, Understand the importance of communication with all stakeholders, Improve management of customer expectations, Utilize a simple technique for improving development of task lists and schedules, Prioritize trade-offs using the Triple Constraint and Employ risk management to improve project performance.

Course Outline: Why project management? What is it? Its impact. Identifying the players. Who are they? What's their roles? Defining project goals. Your customer's. Your company's. Other stakeholders. The importance of communication. Information needs. How to make it happen. Identifying the work to be done. Major deliverables. Breaking it down to manageable pieces. Resource needs. Creating the timeline. Order of work and Resource availability. Other considerations: Risk Management Avoiding Threats and Taking Advantage of Opportunities, Identifying risks , Analyzing probability and impact of each risk, Prioritizing Planning options to deal with each risk, Working the plan, Monitoring and adjusting for changing risks, Monitoring project progress, Are we on track? The Triple Constraint, Making adjustments, Closing the project, Planning workbook, A take away tool. Sample forms for each process. Thinking about your own project,
Course Fee: $299/member and $399/non-member.