Manufacturer Member Benefits

Firms manufacturing or fabricating products or components, including complete swimming pool units, spas, and hot tub units.


  • Exclusive use of the PHTA logo
  • PHTA monthly e-newsletter – Keeps you up to date on the latest in the pool and spa industry.
  • Online listing on our Industry Supplier Guide.
  • Access to “Members Only” section of, proving all of your employees with a wealth of knowledge.
  • Stay connected with access to PHTA Chapters nationwide.
  • Serve on a PHTA council.
  • Advocacy at federal, state and local level.
  • Access to, and interpretation of, legislative & regulatory activity.
  • Annual subscription to AQUA Magazine.


  • Major discounts on orders from the PHTA Online Store.
  • Exhibitor discounts at two of the largest Pool & Spa shows in the country.
  • Registration discounts on all seminars, events and conferences.
  • Education discounts on certification and study materials.
  • Huge savings on credit card processing fees.
  • Knowledge of consumer and economic trends.
  • Industry and consumer research.
  • Reduced rate on OSHA required HAZMAT information.

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Dues are based on annual sales volume:

Manufacturers above $50 million use the following formula to calculate dues: Base dues of $20,000 plus $1,000 per $10 million in revenue above $50 million ($20,000 + (U.S. Sales – 50 M)/10M x 1000))

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