The Asociación de Profesionales de La Piscina APP A.C. 

The Association of Professionals of the Pool, AC (APP®), is a Civil Association, non-profit, with the main objective of professionalizing the guild in Mexico for the benefit of the end user and always protecting the environment.

Their main goal is to generate awareness and a change of behavior, in the community, on the responsibility involved in the operation and use of an aquatic facility, add actors of the pool guild to forge a solid structure that professionalizes the aquatic sector, conserving safety and health of the user.

For more information about The Asociación de Profesionales de La Piscina APP A.C., visit their website.


The Northeast Spa & Pool Association (NESPA) is a regional affiliate of APSP. NESPA members in Connecticut, New Jersey, Eastern New York, and Eastern Pennsylvania are APSP members and entitled to all member benefits.

For more than 40 years, NESPA has been affiliated with APSP. NESPA consist of five chapters – Capital (covering upstate NY), CONSPA (covering Connecticut), Long Island, Metro NY-NJ and PennJersey – and members include service companies, builders/installer, distributors, retail stores, manufacturer's agents, manufacturers, independent pool and spa service companies and sub-contractors.

For more information about NESPA, visit their website or call 609-689-9111.