PHTA Chapters

Thirty-one chapters make up the backbone of PHTA, building a bridge with local professional communities, extending exceptional local service to members and providing support, knowledge, and networking keyed to each member's unique geographic needs.

Chapters deliver local benefits to PHTA members through:

  • Programs that educate and inform chapter members
  • Networking opportunities through regularly scheduled meetings and events
  • The development and maintenance of relationships with local government officials and agencies

Chapters are vital to member participation at the grassroots level and instrumental in shaping the future of the pool, hot tub, and spa industry.

Current Chapters include:

If you are a PHTA member, please log into this site by clicking the link in the top right hand corner of this page to access additional chapter resources. 

Interested in joining a chapter or starting one? Email Chapter Services.

Contacts for Chapters

  • PHTA President & CEO, Larry Caniglia: | 703.838.0083 ext. 180
  • PHTA Board Liaison for Chapter Growth & Development, Robert Blanda: | 718.763.5500
  • PHTA Austin Chapter & Marketing Specialist, Brett Abbott: | 512.266.7777
  • PHTA Director of Membership and Business Development, Seth Ewing: | 703.838.0083 ext. 159
  • PHTA Manager of Membership, Kenya Thomas: | 703.838.0083 ext. 146
  • PHTA Director of Education, Silvia Uribe: | 703.838.0083 ext. 212
  • PHTA Government Affairs Director, Jennifer Hatfield: | 703.838.0083 ext. 211
  • PHTA Government Relations Associate, Regan Ratliff: | 703.838.0083 ext. 165
  • PHTA Director of Marketing & Communications, Andrea Wells: | 703.838.0083 ext. 166 

2018 PHTA Chapter Development Forum

APSP’s 2018 Chapter Development Forum was held at the 2018 International Pool| Spa| Patio™ (PSP Expo) on Nov. 1 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center. Facilitated by newly appointed Special Board Liaison for Chapter Growth and Development Robert Blanda and PHTA President and CEO Larry Caniglia, attendees had an open and candid discussion on what PHTA will do to help their chapter succeed. Watch the archived Chapter Development Forum webinar.  

Additional resources referenced in the webinar: