Pool Recertification Programs

Recertification for the CBP, CSP, CMS, CST and CHTT programs helps to ensure those who hold APSP certifications are always at the forefront of the industry - well informed and striving for professionalism.  In order to recertify, each program requires 24 hours of continuing education credits per three years.  We strongly recommend that you obtain at least eight hours of credit each year so as to keep up with the industry and this pool recertification requirement. 

These credits can be obtained by attending continuing education seminars and training, either in person or online.  You are responsible for keeping record of your continuing education credits, and resources for you to be able to keep more accurate records are becoming available with APSP.  For more information about APSP recertification programs, email the Career Institute or call 703-838-0083 ext. 274.

Important information and tips: