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APSP University opens the door to the heightened level of skill and professionalism that drives success in the pool, hot tub and spa industry. Through APSP industry education, spa and pool certification classes and training, you demonstrate a commitment to quality, expertise, safety and professionalism that gives you and your business the edge.

Virtual training is a way of delivering one of APSP’s traditional “classroom” courses via the Internet and a phone connection. These “online” versions of APSP’s traditional instructor-led programs are segmented into 2-3 hour sessions over several weeks. Get many of the same benefits from the traditional courses but save money on travel, time out of the office, and other expenses.

Participation is possible anywhere there is a telephone and a computer with Internet access. Audio is delivered over the telephone (toll free) or your computer and the slide show and relevant documents can be viewed simultaneously via a web browser. 

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Online Self-Paced Courses: 

Virtual Training Course and Webinars are recorded for individuals unable to attend the live training dates and times or who need instant access to the most recent recording. 

Current Online Self-Paced Courses:

Since APSP established its educational programming, the majority of our courses have utilized the traditional, classroom-based method of delivering education.

Live, instructor-led training is considered by all to be the most effective, as it best facilitates real-time interaction, in-depth information sharing and direct response to questions. Few educational opportunities are considered more valuable than meeting and interfacing directly with an instructor, staff support for various programs, and other students.

APSP University will continue to offer its courses during a limited number of face-to-face, instructor-led programs around the country each year.

Upcoming Courses:

Email the APSP University or contact Member Services at 703.838.0083 ext. 301.

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