The Issue: Water Conservation

APSP works to save water!

Water conservation legislation is a crucial concern of APSP members – especially in light of nearly unprecedented drought conditions throughout much of the country. How can the industry avert bans on pool construction and the filling of pools and spas?


  • APSP is working proactively to help state and local authorities recognize: 1) the minimal impact of pools and spas on water consumption, 2) the detrimental health impact of an inadequately filled and non-circulating pool or spa, and 3) the drastic impact of a new construction ban on local economies.
  • Additionally, APSP is consulting with the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO) on proposed water conservation proposals for the Green Plumbing & Mechanical Code Supplement.
  • In an increasingly conservation-conscious world, reasonable guidance from our industry – and from APSP members – is paramount.

Water Conservation Issue – APSP Advocacy

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