The Issue: National Electric Code

APSP shields its members!

The National Electric Code (NEC), adopted by most states, includes requirements for pools and spas, including equipotential bonding of swimming pools, as well as standards for pool lights, pool pumps, and other electrical components. In recent code development cycles, APSP worked to protect the industry from proposals that would have added overly burdensome pool and spa bonding requirements.


  • Through APSP engagement, including the appointment of an industry representative to the panel and public comments and testimony, APSP preserved use of a single-wire bond to meet equipotential bonding requirements in pools and spas. APSP representatives also testified against a proposed code amendment that would have required a full copper wire grid.
  • APSP was also successful in obtaining a Tentative Interim Amendment (TIA) to the 2011 National Electric Code that exempts portable spas from a perimeter bonding requirement.