Get Involved with APSP’s Government Relations

Together, APSP members make the pool, spa and hot tub industry stronger through successful advocacy at all levels of government.

Get Involved with APSP Government Relations

Frequently asked questions:

What is government relations?

APSP works to protect your industry interests about unfair rules and regulations. APSP team members play a vital role in helping the industry’s voice be heard.

Why should I care about government relations?

The rules and regulations passed on a local and state level impact your ability to work in the industry. Without someone watching your back, laws and regulations could be passed that could threaten the future of the industry.

How does APSP support the industry with government relations efforts?

APSP is continually working on the industry's behalf with key representatives on issues that matter to you. They are consistently updating products and services to keep you up to date on matters that concern you. APSP staff members are your representatives at industry meetings making sure that your voice is heard.

How can I get involved?

Email Jennifer Hatfield to have your voice heard!