APSP has a long, successful tradition of creating industry coalitions when segments of the pool, spa or hot tub industry find themselves facing a regulatory issue. Often bringing together competitors to fight unfair or unreasonable legislation and regulation, APSP enables its members to accomplish major savings and relief that they could not have done on their own.

If your company would like to participate in a coalition, please contact Jennifer Hatfield, Director of Government Relations, for information and guidelines.

Recent Coalition Work & Successes


  • Leading pool management companies who rely on the State Department J1 Summer Work Travel Program for seasonal lifeguards have come together through APSP to address recent interpretations and correspondence by the Department of State. This is a major issue that could have serious implications for all pool management companies across the country. Companies are just now finding out that they will be denied foreign worker visas for this coming season and most companies have multi year contracts in place and will not have the necessary time needed to adjust to these new regulations. The APSP continues to work with the State Department to achieve clarification and avoid interruption of commercial pool management operations.
  • As federal residential energy efficiency legislation continues to develop, pools continue to be excluded from benefits and are ineligible for federal tax credits and incentives. To address this issue, APSP formed an energy coalition to increase its involvement in federal energy policy. APSP and its coalition members will work with energy efficiency legislation within Congress, as well as the push for more energy-specific tax incentives for the pool and spa industry.


  • Leading manufacturers of swimming pool lifts and other interested organizations (NESPA, Worldwide Water Park etc) were brought together by APSP and, working with other coalitions, were able to get the Department of Justice to expand its definition of “fixed” lifts.


  • Leading manufacturers of suction fittings (drain covers) came together through efforts of APSP and were able to collectively negotiate far more favorable terms and limitations on the 2011 recall than could have been achieved by any one manufacturer alone.


  • Leading hot tub manufacturers and component suppliers came together under APSP umbrella in response to potentially crippling California Energy Commission (CEC) regulations on energy efficiency. As a result, critical testing was performed, and significant modifications or “clarifications” were obtained from the CEC. At the same time, manufacturers of pool pumps and motors came together under APSP and worked with CEC and achieved favorable modifications here as well.