Legislative and Regulatory News

  • Arizona Pool & Spa Energy Requirements

    APSP has successfully fought to uphold energy efficiency standards in Arizon. The Arizona pool pump energy standards law, known as Title 44, went into effect on Jan. 1, 2012. However, House Bill 2334 by Rep. Montenegro was introduced this year to repeal the standards, marking the second time legislation was introduced to repeal the law. HB 2334 did not have enough support to be voted on by the full house, though, and died when legislature adjourned on June 14. The law requires pool owners be given a choice when selecting a replacement pump of either a single-speed or a multi-speed pump that offers increased energy efficiency. APSP recently created a FAQ to help retailers, builders and owners better understand Title 44. Read the FAQ.

  • 2015 ISPSC code cycle underway

    The 2015 ISPSC code cycle is underway. After receiving feedback from APSP members, APSP submitted 74 proposals to the ICC. All 2015 ISPSC proposals will be published now on March 11. At such time, those final proposals will be circulated to APSP Councils and Committees. Any feedback received can be turned into possible floor modifications to be put forth at the April hearings where action will occur in front of the ISPSC committee. The ISPSC hearing is slated for Sunday, April 21 in Dallas. The IRC and IECC proposals will be heard later that week, with hearings wrapping up on April 30.

  • APSP Creates Two Coalitions

    Over the past two months, APSP has created two new coalitions to protect and and fight for members’ interests. The two coalitions are: J-1 Visa Coalition which is working to address concerns with State Department interpretations affecting pool management companies; and the APSP Energy Coalition which will advocate for tax incentives for purchasers of our industry’s products. Want to get involved? For more information, contact Jennifer Hatfield, Director of Government Affairs.

Action Alerts

Ready to take action? Be empowered on the local level by following, and contributing to, APSP action alerts. APSP constantly monitors legislation and regulation affecting the industry, but our continued success depends on you. Member input on what enhances or threatens businesses will help us chart an industry course for success. For more information, email Jennifer Hatfield.

  • Have a question for a building code official? Join the conversation

    The new ICC Codes & Standards Discussion Forum offers a great place for industry professionals to gather online to discuss and share knowledge on the new ISPSC. Now APSP Builders have a place they can go to and ask questions of building code officials related to the new ISPSC. It’s a resource offered through ICC and APSP and can be accessed here.

  • Reach out to local officials before drought restrictions arise

    APSP stands ready to arm you with the facts about pool and spa water consumption. Pool and spa professionals around the country should use the following tools to reach out to your water management districts, and state and local government officials BEFORE drought level restrictions impact your community. Read more