APSP Fellows Program

The industry’s highest professional award for distinguished contributions in raising professionalism in the aquatic community.

What is the APSP Fellows Program
The rank of APSP Fellow is an honor bestowed on prominent individuals who have made distinguished contributions that raise professionalism in the aquatic community through teaching, research and/or exemplary service to others. Nominees for the rank of APSP Fellow are also evaluated on their professional accomplishments and their commitment to the values honored by the APSP Fellows Program. Please click here to download the form here to nominate someone for this prestigious award. 


  • Commitment to helping others learn.
  • Commitment to the highest ethical standards.
  • Commitment to improving the industry’s education initiatives through leadership in industry trade and professional organizations.
  • Commitment to excellence in practice, research and education.
  • Commitment to achieving and maintaining a cohesive professional, collegial, and inclusive community.

There is no single criterion for selection to the ranks of APSP Fellows. We recognize those who have made lifelong contributions, as well as trailblazers, innovators, and leading thinkers who have created a mark of distinction earlier in their careers. APSP Fellows may be nominated from any segment of the industry (e.g. builders, service companies, retail, manufacturers and distributors, industry non-profit organizations, etc.)

Designation as an APSP Fellow is an honor and may not be represented as an endorsement by APSP of an individual’s technical competence. Fellows may be honored posthumously.

Minimum Requirements for an APSP Fellow

  • Five years in the industry
  • Membership in APSP
  • Three years volunteering with an industry organization(s); two years must be in a role dealing specifically with professional development
  • Professional APSP Certification (recommended, not required)

What Recognition Do Fellows Receive?

  • Industry recognition
  • Fellows ribbon at Expo
  • A special APSP Fellows pin
  • Recognition on the APSP website
  • APSP Fellows Press Release

When and How
No more than 12 living Fellows may be recognized in a selection year. Any number of Fellows may be recognized posthumously. Nomination forms may be downloaded here.

Candidates must be vetted by the APSP Board of Regents and then forwarded to the Executive Committee/Board of Directors for final approval. In special circumstances, the Executive Committee/ Board of Directors may confirm candidates without a nomination form, or may confirm more than 12 living Fellows in a selection year.

Current APSP Fellows

  • Larry Biscornet CBP, CSP, LBI Pools & Spas
  • Robert Blanda, CBP, CSP, Mill Bergen Pool Center
  • Thom Blumenkamp, CBP, Texas Pools
  • Connie Sue Centrella, Horner Xpress
  • Bernice Crenshaw
  • Randy Dukes, Speck Pumps-Pool Products, Inc.
  • Vance Gillette, Zodiac Pool Systems, Inc.
  • Dave Knoop (Posthumous)
  • Chris Marcano, Natural Chemistry Inc.
  • Ed Penfield, CSP, Aqua Island Technologies, Inc.
  • Joseph Vassallo, CBP, Paragon Pools
  • Paul Wahler, CSP
  • Doug Winkler, Winkler Pool Management

Past Fellows

  • Jana Auringer, The Pool Lady
  • Steve Barnes, Pentair Aquatic Systems
  • Bob Baron, CBP, CSP, Baron Pool Service
  • Carvin DiGiovanni, The Association of Pool & Spa Professionals
  • Rick English, CBP, English Pool Consulting
  • Al Inglin, Formerly with Aqua Pool Service & Spa
  • Dan Johnson, CBP, Swim, Inc.
  • Ron Lacher, CBP, Pool Engineering
  • Mark Laven, Latham International
  • Paulette Pitrak, Northeast Spa & Pool Association
  • Albert Rizzo, CBP, CSP, Rizzo Pools
  • Tom Seechuk, Formerly with LaMotte